Meet The Design Team

April 2017–In the last issue of Ridgelines, we briefly mentioned the design team that is collaborating on the new Doubletop Village. We are pleased to introduce them to you and wish to recognize and congratulate them for the work they’ve done.

Stephen Wyda 
Ryan Blau    
Mark Diedrich
Howard Kuo 
Bill Harrison

Stephen Wyda and Ryan Blau of Asheville-based Vision Design Collaborative are currently working on the design development phase of master planning and landscape design for the Village. As described in Ridgelines last month, their land plan concept features a series of crescent-shaped contours in which buildings overlook Great Lawns, a central organic garden, and dramatic, long valley views.

Scheduled to commence this Spring, Vision Design Collaborative’s master plan also calls for extensive updates to the existing Sports & Wellness Center. In addition to expanding fitness and spa offerings, the remodel will make the Center more conducive to family use.

Decatur, Georgia-based Kuo Diedrich, which specializes in golf clubhouses internationally, is designing a clubhouse complex to serve as the activity hub and central gathering place within the new village.

The complex will include four separate buildings, the Members’ Grille, the Tavern, the Toy Barn amd the General Store. Reflecting Balsam Mountain’s mining heritage, a focal point of The Village will be a traditional timber mining tower, with stairs leading to a top-level observation deck.

“Rather than a 50,000 square-foot clubhouse under one roof, we are breaking the elements down into distinct pieces that are separate from, yet in harmony with, each other,” says Kuo Diedrich, Principal and Co-founder, Mark Diedrich.

Interior spaces will blend contemporary design with traditional materials. Design features include heavy timber structural elements, clad board siding, wood, tile, stained contrete flooring, and large open fireplaces.

Outdoor courtyard spaces will consist of a series of intimate “rooms,” some covered and some open to the stars. Elegant landscaping will create intimate gathering spaces around the two outdoor fireplaces and a fire pit.

Atlanta-based, Harrison Design, is designing the 23 two- to four-bedroom cottages adjacent to the club amenities. Considered a leader in custom-designed homes, the firm has offices in several U.S. cities and interna- tionally. Founder and Principal Bill Harrison, is personally leading the cottage design process.

As he noted recently, “Our goal is to create cottages with highly functional spaces that ‘live’ much larger than you would expect from the amount of square footage.”

Interior and exterior spaces will seamlessly communicate ‘bringing the outdoors in’ through the use of ample windows, open floor-plans, integration of natural materials found in local vernacular architecture, and doors that open to outdoor living spaces.

“The wow factor will be what nature provides,” said Harrison Design architect Emily Tuttle. “The cottages, along with the other structures in the Village, are designed to frame rather than dominate the view.”