Infrastructure Improvements

April 2017–Driving around the Preserve, you may have wondered what the areas marked with small red and blue flags are for. If you haven’t noticed them, just glance occasionally off the main roads at ground level.

While the flags are small, their function is big; the investigation, mapping and engineering phase of adding a fiber optic system to Balsam Mountain Preserve is underway. Stephen Vagasky, son of Mark and Debra Vagasky, has been on the mountain identifying, mapping, and cleaning out open conduit throughout the community. Stephen has discovered that approximately 70 percent of the community has open conduit that can be used to run fiber.

The East side of the development, including East Reach from Cookhouse, Cabin Flats, and Tote, along with other roads branching off of this loop lack substantial open conduit. Stephen has begun burying conduit on these roads during the past two weeks, before Chip and Seal is laid. He will then repair and unplug conduit in the area, affecting phase 1 of the fiber installation.

The first phase of fiber installation is planned for this summer. Starting with the Double Top Village area, the Ruby Valley Sports & Wellness Center, the Boarding House, the Gatehouse, and Sales Office. Residences along the path of this first phase will be contacted in the spring to discuss connection and plan costs. As plans develop, we will keep the community informed of timing for additional phases of fiber installation.