Golf Course Renovations

April 2017–This month Arnold Palmer Design Company begins renovations on the Preserve’s Signature Course. Palmer’s Senior Architect, Thad Layton, is overseeing the project.

The renovations will focus on bunker design, configuration, and placement. The course was originally designed with steep and deep bunkers, which challenged even scratch golfers, as well as being hard to maintain.

The new plan will refine the layout and location of the bunkers, and make them shallower. This will make the course more accessible to players of all skill levels, while still presenting plenty of challenge for the advanced golfer.

The improved design will also make bunkers less expensive to maintain. This will allow the superintendent to allocate the savings to higher-priority features, particularly the greens. Layton points out that courses ranked in the Top 100 have superior greens.

The scope-of-work calls for Palmer to first install a “test hole” at the 8th, which will begin this month. Allowing feedback and adjustments before renovations commence on the remaining holes. The phased scope of the renovations will allow the course to remain open for play.