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One thing I love about living in the Carolinas is the access to the Mountains and the Marsh! It is so wonderful to live in an area that you could have breakfast in the Mountains and be enjoying lunch by the coast, all on the same day. I have grown up loving both, but I know most people love one more than the other. If you favor the mountain life, today’s post is for you.

I want to introduce you to Balsam Mountain Preserve.

In August my sister, Sonya and I were invited up to Balsam Mountain Preserve in North Carolina to tour and experience their private mountain community. We were on location to eat, sleep and enjoy what they have to offer to their residence and today I am here to share it with you!

After a short drive from Greenville, South Carolina we arrived at Balsam Mountain Preserve, located in Sylva, North Carolina. We were immediately transported to a dream! From the moment we started up the mountain we were immediately relaxed and felt at home. We stayed in one of the member cabins.

The cabins are nestled on a gravel road across from the Boarding House Restaurant where we enjoyed breakfast, lunch, dinner, and wine. The food and service were AMAZING! The mountain also features a beautiful Arnold Palmer designed golf course that has the most amazing views.

Balsam Mountain is also very proud of what the are really about, Balsam Mountain Trust. This is how they describe it.

With a history rich in preservation and built on a commitment to the land, Balsam Mountain Preserve is just that — a preserve. And at its heart is the Balsam Mountain Trust, a nationally-recognized, non-profit organization that has emerged as a leader in education, research, and conservation leadership.

The mission of Balsam Mountain Trust is to inspire people to be responsible stewards of the natural and cultural resources of the southern Blue Ridge Mountains. The Trust gives residents a front-row seat to the sights, sounds and enriching experiences that Balsam’s 3,200-acre preserve and wildlife conservation offers.

I think my biggest take away from the visit was the people! They were so warm and welcoming and treated us like we were residents. I truly believe that is what makes a great community. If you are looking for a mountain retreat for permanent living or for a weekend retreat I highly recommend taking a further look at what Balsam Mountain Preserve has to offer.

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