Balsam Mountain Preserve Tour

One thing I have a deep appreciation for is the majesty of the mountains. I love how the landscape can change from morning to night, by clouds of sunshine, and from season to season. There is a serenity and peace that comes from being in the mountains.

When my sister, Upcountry Living, and I were invited to spend a night at Balsam Mountain Preserve we jumped at the opportunity. A night away in Western North Carolina with my sister, I’m in!

Balsam Mountain Preserve is a residential community on 4,400 acres devoted to preserving the land as well as everything else we hold close, like our family and friends. Homesteads have 1-2 acres and mostly border on 3,400-acre conservation easement ensuring privacy as would be expected in a mountain home.

If you want to know all of the specifics about homes, check out the Balsam Website.

There were some of the most amazing mountain views I have ever seen and I can only imagine how they will look as the fall leaves change color.

I wanted to share with you what my experience was like. How it looked and felt!

Immediately I felt right at home. We stayed in the most beautiful cabin I have ever seen. My love of decor was immediately put on overload as Joy and I walked around oohing and ahhing over every detail. The cabins are a unique fractional ownership, allowing families to be part of the community for a fraction cost of traditional homeownership.

The Boarding House Lodge and Restaurant is in the center of the cabins making it convenient for all. We were treated like family at the restaurant! The views were stunning, especially our sunset dinner view. Kudos to the chef and kitchen staff for fantastic service and food.

AND then there were animals. Amazing animals.

Balsam Mountain Preserve is such a wonderful place. The homes, the views, and the food were great but I will tell you, the people, they were the best. Kind, friendly, and welcoming. If you are considering a secondary home or a move, I highly suggest you look further into it.


At Home With The Barkers